RE Developers are Worried of Transmission Woes

RE Developers are Worried of Transmission Woes




Rishabh Instruments established an independent R&D Centre in a separate premises and also separate testing set up with EMI EMC Lab, Environmental Testing and Reliability Testing to approve products to Indian and International standards. Our company has a strong market presence in both domestic and international markets. Our products have an exceptional response in the world market. 


Q. Your company have experience of nearly three decades in manufacturing, design and development of test and measuring instruments and also industrial control products, what do you think how much RISHABH INSTRUMENT is growing till now?

Rishabh Instruments started in 1987 with technology from the BBC Metrawatt of Germany, for Analog Meters with a capacity of 400 instruments. The initial challenges were to make accurate components demanded by German technology and to develop molds and tools. Since that development we have developed many other products in house or imported technology for Multimeters, Transducers, Multifunction Instruments, Solar Inverters, Cam Switches, Controllers for DG sets, Power Supplies and CT’s and the journey continues. We have established an independent R&D Centre in a separate premises and also separate testing set up with EMI EMC Lab, Environmental Testing and Reliability Testing to approve products to Indian and International standards. Many of our erstwhile collaborators are our large customers today.
It has been a long journey for us who led us to build the expertise in various arenas of Analog and Digital instrument world. The canvas covered by our products begins with the very simple requirement like measurement of basic electrical parameters to fulfill the requirement of high end communication in metering. Our product portfolio provides the solution for both hand held instruments as well as panel mounting option.
Some statistics have also revealed that, today we are one of the world’s largest manufacturers of panel meters in the world by volume. We make more than 1, 25,000 analog products and about 30,000 digital products in a month. Added to that, we can also manufacture about 50,000 current transformers in a month. So, considering this kind of production capacity, quality and service that we have across various product segments, Rishabh has a strong market presence in both domestic and international markets. Our products have an exceptional response in the world market. Our patented designs in the TMI domain have been appreciated across the globe. Owing to the fact that 60% of revenues of Rishabh stems from international market. We have a healthy ratio of International to Domestic Sales based on products and services. The philosophy adapted by Rishabh is that we have no double standards regarding the production and sales in and international market, i.e. the quality sold international market is similar to that in the domestic market. We make one product for the world, and this has been well received and appreciated by our partners all across and hence dominant position has been established across the Globe by the virtue of our principles and the core values.

Q. RISHABH INSTRUMENT is focusing on next generation devices, which type of devices you are making how it will be helpful for Technical students? 

Rishabh Instruments believes in continuous growth and serving the right solution to its customers. With our vision of continuous growth through technical innovation we also find it important to provide quality and safe product to every customer, leaving no customer sector untouched. 
Keeping this in mind, we added products in our basket like the Rish Young & Rish iYoung Multimeter which are pocket sized digital multimeters and will be every student’s first choice. These are safer to use and comes into the budget of any engineering or technical student. 
Another such product is the CT with in-built transducer which can be used for projects related to PLC and circuit current monitoring or for Motor Signature Analysis, coming in a price which can easily fall into a Final Year student’s budget for project. Such new products would always be created by us to cater customer needs.

Q. What are the various technologies available for solar?

Use of Solar energy is in many ways like Solar Thermal, Solar PV and Solar heating etc. We are in the solar PV space with inverters. Solar inverters are broadly divided into two types - String inverters and central inverters. Central inverters are of higher capacities like 500kW-2MW and are used in large ground mounted PV plants of utility scale. String inverters are smaller in size, transformer less and easy to install. Further solar inverters are on-grid, off-grid or hybrid type. Rishabh has acquired the solar string inverter technology from GEFRAN S.p.A, Italy and now providing inverters in India market with 10 years warrant.

Q. What are the key features of your products? 

At Rishabh, we strongly believe in fuelling our aggressive business growth of over 25% CAGR over a decade plus, continuously by pursuing and capturing value across new opportunities whether products or markets. The future of our products in India is blazing as the products we have, are next generation products. They are incorporated with features which are future ready like touch screen MFMs, Bluetooth communicable multimeters, event logging, Ethernet communication etc. Thus at Rishabh we constantly think on innovation and whatever product we come up, we ensure it has some kind of innovation. 
Talking about inverters, we provide solar string inverter featuring graphical LCD display, in-built memory to store energy data for up to 10 years span. It is capable of monitoring each string using an in-built string level monitor. The enclosure is rated IP65 making it suitable for outdoor applications. 
We provide products which are a perfect blend of features and at same time are also affordable to all our customers, so they get value for money.  

Q. Solar trade war: What are the benefits to Indian manufactures?

Solar trade war is currently limited mainly to the solar panel manufactures. As PV panels constitute 60-70% of total PV plant costs hence there is a huge price war in that segment where Indian manufacturers want a safe-guard duty on the imported solar panels whereas the industry, in general, wants open market and best prices for the panels. The takeaway for Indian manufacturers is that they will invest in cutting down the costs to compete with the global manufacturers. Secondly, since solar PV plant guaranteed life is 25 years plus, hence, future service is going to be very important, an that’s where the Indian manufacturers seems to have an edge. They being present locally will be able to provide services locally & hence the installer should prefer to use Indian manufactured panels and more importantly inverters. Panels are static devices with no moving parts but it’s the inverter which does the most important job of not only extracting maximum power from inverters (by means of an MPPTs) but at the same time also keep the output AC power in Sync with the grid parameters (voltage and frequency etc.). So a locally available service for inverter is important and that benefit Indian manufacturers can enjoy.

Q. What are the achievements RISHABH INSTRUMENT had in some passing years?

Rishabh has as a remarkable history in the Analog Panel Meter sector since 1985, in the small industrial town of Nashik. In the late 1990’s, Rishabh started manufacturing Digital Panel Meters, Transducers and a range of test and measuring products like Multimeters and Insulation Testers. In 1991 we began to export in 27 countries and thus we went international. In 2003, Trishala was inaugurated with independent Research & Development Unit recognized by Dept. of Scientific & Industrial Research Ministry, India. This led to the introduction of our new products completely developed & manufactured in Nashik. The company came up with clamp on meters with patented rotating jaw design and trigger at back end in 2007 and thus we became the very first company to introduce such technology across the globe. Today we are the largest manufacturer of Analog Panel Meters, the leading company in sale of Multimeters in India and the first company to introduce touch screen MFMs. Rishabh acquired Lumel S.A. in the year 2011 from the Polish state. Rishabh’s cost control and market dominance and Lumel’s European base with a solution oriented product basket have turned out to be game changer for both organizations. Rishabh also acquired Sifam Tinsely both in US and UK in the year 2013. The synergies of the joint unit have become a turning point in Rishabh's history. In the year 2017, we came up with In-house EMI /EMC test laboratory which enhances our testing capability in Multifold. In this year we have successfully been able to launch a new range of products under each product expertise viz. Analog, Digital and Test & Measuring Instruments which are future ready and best fit for Smart India.

Q. How RISHABH INSTRUMENT is contributing in REI and what are your expectations from REI, Does it help you to make profits? 

It was our first participation in REI & we started with a small space of 18 sq. meters. The response was very good and we intend to participate in a bigger way in future. Since REI attracts huge crowd from all over the globe a proper distribution of visitors might be of help. Like allowing multiple entry points so that all halls get equal foot-fall. We noticed that since the entry was from only one side, hence the foot fall in Hall-10/11 was lesser to great extent. REI does give us new customer and visibility but since it was our first time, we will reserve our comments whether it helped us make profits or not. 

Q. Tell me something about your current project and your plans for future? 

We are inverter manufacturers & suppliers and have no interest/stake in doing EPC business. We have started selling only 15-18 months back and have got overwhelming response to our inverters. Technology from GEFRAN, Italy combined with our expertise in electronics manufacturing, we are able to provide superior quality products with 10 years warranty at affordable prices. Future plan include launching 50/60kW and 100kW string inverters in next 3-4 months’ time.