RE Developers are Worried of Transmission Woes

RE Developers are Worried of Transmission Woes




Luminous has grown up from an inverter company to India’s leading home electrical solutions provider, with a presence in over 36 countries globally. Our company is known for superior performance, continuous improvement, operational transparency and social responsibility. We are planning to become India’s best supplier of future-ready sustainable and energy-efficient products.  We understand the changing needs of consumer and ever evolving technologies.


Q. How much do you think LUMINOUS has expanded in Indian market till now?

Luminous Power Technologies, recently celebrated the completion of 30 years of excellence in the country. The company has grown from an inverter company to India’s leading home electrical solutions provider, with a presence in over 36 countries globally. Its vast portfolio comprises Power Backup solutions such as Home UPS, Batteries, Stabilizers and Home Electrical offerings such as Fans, LED lighting, Wires and Switches. Today, the company has seven manufacturing units, more than 28 sales offices, and employs 6000 people in India. Its country-wide network consists of more than 60,000 channel partners. Voted a Superbrand in 2016-2017 as well as 2017-2018, the company is known for superior performance, continuous improvement, operational transparency and social responsibility.
Luminous plans to become India’s leading provider of future-ready sustainable and energy-efficient products. In the last 10 years alone, Luminous has invested close to INR 1,000 crores and it plans to significantly ramp up investments in the next three to five years in R&D to develop innovative home electrical solutions for the Indian market.  

Q. What are solar products and solutions you offer?

Luminous Power Technologies, has identified the solar sector as a growth area where it offers consumers complete end-to-end residential solar solutions. With the surge in demand for residential rooftops, Luminous launched™ in Delhi & NCR in March this year and will soon be followed up by a country-wide launch in the next few months. With™ Luminous has ventured into providing end to end Solar Solutions for residential and small commercial establishments.™ promises a one stop solution for the consumer starting with the right design which works for their specific needs to quality workmanship in solar installations along with top of the line solar products.
We have also introduced REGALIA, a revolutionary lithium ion based power back-up system that can be wall mounted and comes loaded with multiple user-friendly features. Regalia is a compact power back-up system that is designed in an aesthetically pleasing and modern style with an expected lifespan of up to 10 years. It uses the integrated lithium ion battery technology which makes it maintenance free and removes the need of periodic water top up. Regalia is also future ready, offering consumers the option to charge Regalia with regular mains supply or through solar panels harnessing abundant solar energy.

Q. What are the things or strategies which makes LUMINOUS a good brand? 

At Luminous, we understand the changing needs of consumer and ever evolving technologies. We make sure that we are in line with the change and constantly innovate to stay ahead of time. 
The company is introducing a range of connected products across the categories. One such recent example is the launch of India’s first Wall Mounted Smart Inverter with Lithium - Ion Battery for zero maintenance, extra-long power back up, high efficiency and connectivity via Wi-Fi and Mobile. 
Crafted with care and housing state-of-the-art technology, Luminous also offers indigenous fan design to suit various styles of Home Décor! From designer fans, that come packed with a LED light and a remote control, to fans carefully fashioned for every room, the range is never-ending. 
Luminous upcoming launch is Smart LED bulb and Switches which again is a breakthrough in the segment. 
Luminous will continue to develop reliable products that promise high-quality not only in performance but also in design and usability, thus contributing to powering happy homes.

Q. How has LUMINOUS contributed in REI (Renewable Energy India) and what are your expectations from REI? Does it help you to make profits?  

REI brings us a common platform wherein both the vendors as well as the trade partners come together and thus provides us an opportunity to showcase our wide range of solar offerings to the partners. We also showcase our innovation during REI, like how we showcased Regalia during the event, and ensures it gets communicated to the right partners during these 3 days event.

Q. Tell us something about LAMP scholars in CSR initiatives?

LAMP (Luminous Advanced Mentoring Programme) is a unique scholarship model. The project not only supports the educational needs of adolescent girls but also look after their holistic development. This programme has bridged the gap between parents, teachers and communities. Today parents are more concerned about their children’s education than in the past. This project has created an attraction towards education in the community; more parents, schools and students are demanding inclusion in the initiative. 
The programme provides financial and non-financial support to children. The project is built around secondary education for girls. The idea is to brighten up the lives of talented, aspirational girls from poor and ultrapoor families through LAMP. A minimum of 25 scholars would be selected for financial assistance for a 4-year period from class 9 to 12. There are scholarships for additional coaching in subjects like English, Mathematics, Science, Computers, Accountancy and Business Studies.
At Luminous, we literally believe in the mantra of illuminating lives. The idea behind carrying out our LAMP initiative was to explore those areas and regions where future generations could be nurtured, and who better to start with than young girls! Even today, several sections of our society do not believe in the importance of education, especially for girls. We want to bring these girls out of the confines of their homes, train them, groom them, and prepare them for a brighter future. Luminous is committed to giving back to the community as much as possible. There are many ways to measure success, and at Luminous, we want to succeed by contributing to the society and making village girls independent and well-educated. All schools of the Una district have expressed their willingness to run the LAMP initiative in their schools.

Q. What are your vision, mission and scope for customers?

Our synergies are towards making Solar adaptation easier for our customers. Right now Solar is at a very nascent stage and it requires a lot of education at the consumer end to understand its benefits and also to get to know which solar solution will be best for their needs. There are a lot of solar products in the market yet our consumer struggle to make a choice due to this lack of understanding of which solar solution will be best for them. Luminous is doing constant efforts in terms of educating our customers as well as providing them a hassle free experience in selecting a solution which is right for them.

Q. What are the achievements that LUMINOUS has had in past few years?

Luminous Power Technologies is the most trusted Power Solution brand in India. The awards and accolades won by Luminous, is the reflection of its exceptional performance and outstanding reliability of its offering. It is a 4 time winner of “Consumer Superbrand” status for the residential power back up in 2011/12, 2014/15, 2016/17 and 2017/18. Luminous has again been listed as India’s Most Trusted brand in the category of Power Solution in ‘The Brand Trust Report, India Study, 2017’- Luminous won the same accolade in 2014 and 2016 as well. Luminous has been declared as the winner in the Category of “Best Disruptive Tech Solution / Product of the year – IOT” for its solar PCU unit by Kamikaze B2B Media in 2016. Luminous has also been honored to be a company having great managers by Times Ascent in 2016. It also won best CSR Impact Initiative Award & Best Community Development Award at National CSR Leadership Summit 2016. Luminous also enjoys AA+ credit rating.

Q. Tell me something about your current project and your plans for future?

We, at Luminous Power Technologies have ambitious plans to become India’s leading provider of future-ready sustainable and energy-efficient products. The last 30 years have been a great journey for the brand. Our aim is to further strengthen our presence and empower India by making three out of every five homes, a Luminous home by 2022. The Luminous brand caters to over 70 million Indian consumers today, and we expect 50% of our growth to come from our solar and home electrical products in the next five years.