Q. What are the philosophy and the larger vision that drives the company?

We are believing in PROMPT SERVICE SUPPORT with LONGVISION Reliable Product Business Policy. Grow together with lesser complain  ratio. In the future, SOFARSOLAR will continue to ride the wind and waves, lead the trend, actively explore, deepen cooperation in the new era and under the new situation, improve products and solutions, bring forth the new, and develop more "Photovoltaic Storage and Charging" products with excellent performance, so as to increase the power for the development of global new energy industry.
We are performing very good in India renewable market . SOFARSOLAR is a fastest growing product with good qualities, lesser service complain & prompt service solutions.  No compromise in quality to make cheap product , no compromise in product component material, wide display is OUR KEY Features. Sofarsolar have good strong market in ROOFTOP Solar business & also in EPC Sector.
New energy storage products of SOFARSOLAR in 2020: The high voltage and low voltage series batteries of 4-20kW three-phase energy storage inverter will be released in the near future. The new product is mainly oriented to the global market. Both grid-connected and off-grid systems can be built into a multi complementary energy generation microgrid system with the help of this new product to realize photovoltaic self-use and residual power storage, and arbitrage by combining energy storage peak and valley to maximize economic benefits and effectively mitigate the load impact on the distribution grid.
SOFARSOLAR takes technological "Photovoltaic Storage" as the theme and relies on "Photovoltaic Storage and Charging" as the innovation carrier. Four series of new products of "Photovoltaic Storage" are launched in the world, to strive to create the top brand of "Photovoltaic Storage and Charging".
Four series of new products cover: large series of 80-136kW, 10-20kW three-generation inverter, 5-20kW three-phase grid-connected inverter and  HYD inverter , and high-voltage and low-voltage batteries.
First of all, 80-136kW large series inverter, which is mainly aimed at large-scale industrial and commercial and ground power stations, is famous for its "High Quality, High Income", with the maximum efficiency of 99%. It has IP66 protection grade, 12-channel MPPT design, advanced AC / DC dual power redundancy design, built-in high-precision intelligent string detection and other functions, which can better adapt to wind, sand, rain, snow and other complex and harsh environment. With its listing, the owners will have more choice space, and the income they care about will be strongly guaranteed.
Secondly, the third-generation 10-20kW inverter is praised by customers as "Key Tool in the Large-Scale Household Market". The inverter has high cost performance. The appearance of the inverter adopts lightweight design, simple and fashionable, which is suitable for the home environment and is easy to install; the interior of the inverter adopts the industry-leading heat dissipation technology, and selects a new generation of international brand components, which has a longer service life; in terms of efficiency, it is also industry-leading, which greatly guarantees the income of users; at the same time, multiple protection is adopted inside, which can guarantee the service life of the inverter and greatly increase the time limit of users' stable income.
Thirdly, 5-20kW three-phase HYD 5-20KW inverter is a machine developed for energy storage system, mainly used in large household energy storage system and small and medium-sized industrial and commercial energy storage. This machine integrates PV and energy storage, and can realize multiple working modes of off grid and grid connection.

Fourthly, low voltage and high voltage series batteries, as several heavyweight products launched by SOFARSOLAR to the global energy storage market, have a good reputation in European markets such as Italy and Britain for their convenient installation, strong compatibility, long cycle life and rich communication. This strong return provides a broader space for domestic users in the choice of energy storage batteries.

Q. What are the other key issues faced by solar manufacturers?

Well, very interesting  question about  local manufacturer. If local manufacturer follow process as per required testing facility , production  facilities & required manpower to do complete manufacturing task with proper testing/quality process then customer will get proper worth products as per invested coast. We are recommending to client don’t go on cheap prices & polycarbonate type of body with lesser durability life product available in market. In a now days if any local company providing cheap price product without complete process & assemble type of products so it will be not a long life  system. So if client not aware about process  so we requesting  to them go with proper process & visit  some manufacturing company in abroad or collect some online data or visit some online manufacturing setup videos & gain your knowledge to get proper product without any cheating in systems.
In a 2020 Year SOFARSOLAR is a very aggressive with new  agenda for Business expansion with new innovative products & some up-gradation on current products.  We have good installation in ROOFTOP Market &  also last year business increased  very good ,particularly in rooftop segment.  if manufacturer compromise in quality to make cheap rate products then it’s very  difficult to take a stand in market with long vision work & warranty duration. So now days it’s very difficult to get proper products in cheap rate.  For good product manufacturer focusing on  to control on  lower marginal game, no extra expenses & how can save a extra coast and not impact on business strategy. For manufacturer in india market  also need to invest  higher coast in BIS certification & also invest in another product generation,  also another side  to compete with cheap rate brand product. “Serving good quality product on lower margin with prompt service support” tagline will give  good business in tough competition.
What is your assessment of government policy on renewable?

Q. Kindly enlighten something about your product, technology, solutions and quality?

BIS Certified Inverter.
8 Year’s Warranty (onsite Replacement warranty )
OEM/ODM Partner  First choice is SOFARSOLAR. (No.1 position in INDIAN Market). 
Online Service Support system.
Manufacturing plant at Shenzhen. 
Local Sales - Service Support & Company ware house at Ahmedabad, sIndia.
Indian Registered company as a  “SOFARSOLAR INDIA PVT LTD.”
10GW Manufacturing capacity.
# Sofarsolar is part of the Sofar Group, a highly diversified company who are No.1 in the GPS business. They have been involved in the communications and renewable energy fields since 2007 and entered the PV inverter business in 2012 with the establishment of Sofarsolar, specializing in R&D, production, sales and service of grid-tied inverters. SOFAR is very pioneer group in GPS sector in china & we would like accept new challenges in the market. So we have started PV market business & doing successfully business globally. In order to support the current growth of the Indian PV market, SOFARSOLAR has recently taken steps to strengthen its business position in the country with a new office and leadership. 
New versions of Inverters which are very compact in size make SOFARSOLAR differentiate from others.
SOFARSOLAR is positioned to play  important and leading role in the Indian solar industry.
# Hybrid Inverter- 3kW/3.6kW/4kW/5kW/6kW (1 Phase) 
# Hybrid Inverter- 8kW/10kW/12kW/15kW/20kW (3 Phase)
# AC Retrofitting Single phase 6kW 
# New upcoming Rating:- 80kW/100Kw/125Kw /136kw
# New upcoming Rating:- 225kWwith 1500v DC
#  Electrical Vehicle Charger 
# SOFAR AMASS Li-Ion Batteries.  

Q. COVID-19 has spread over a large part of the world. What has been the impact on your business operations as a result of the coronavirus outbreak?

The company has a total manufacturing capacity of 10GW with an Year on Year growth of more than 20%. However, currently with the impact of Covid - 19, “The entire world is on edge with the Coronavirus epidemic, it is a very bad impact on global economy, however SOFAR SOLAR team is available to support clients in the best possible way during these times.”
Impact of the Coronavirus mostly effected  our first-quarter growth due to highly Corona effected Country China because our manufacturing plant in Shenzhen .  then in india business effected  in  second & Third quarter as well if the outbreak lasts longer may be not sure about fourth quarter but in a nowadays renewable sector going good in India. The disturbance to industrial production and global trade flows and global logistic networks could be more severe due to the drag caused by the prolonged production shutdowns. WHO officials state clearly that at this stage one cannot predict the direction, duration, scope and scale of the epidemic. This creates an extra dose of uncertainty. Some experts expect the outbreak to last at least until the mid of Oct.’2020.  “Factories do have spare capacity and may cover up for lost exports by speeding up production. However, India demand will be lesser or similar as compared to our previous numbers and this will have an impact on total production,” The Covid-19 outbreak has made it more difficult to achieve the targets due to the challenges of land acquisition, grid unavailability, supply chain bottlenecks and a lack of project financing. “ In the manufacturing sector also every product depends on the raw materials or third party vendor. In this epidemic cycle it's very difficult to procure material on time & achieve execution timelines.
There are many debates going on for women empowerment that women are coming up with the technical talent also. What are your views on that?
In Some region/country/field work Even in this 21st century, gender inequality still exists. When women are empowered, whole society benefits, because women constitute half of the society. We have come so far in women empowerment. Now many women are working in diverse careers and are financially independent. We need to totally eliminate gender inequality.
In Renewable filed my many female friends working  very good on a  very higher level positions. Some Female Colleagues working as  Director/Founder/VP position level. Its really very proud of them.
  “There is no chance of the welfare of the world unless the condition of women is improved. It is not possible for a bird to fly on one wing”– Swami Vivekananda.