Q.   Patanjali Renewable is a leader in manufacturing Solar PV modules, what do you think how Patanjali Renewable is growing till now?

So far, our growth chart has been quite stable but is moving in an upward direction in a steady pace. We are establishing our grounds and preparing ourselves for that big jump in sales that is expected out of Patanjali. Our vision is clear and we are constantly working & improving our methods & standards to match up with the industry leaders. 

Q.   What are the products on offer by the company and have you launched any new product in the market recently?

Our product basket has been more or less the same throughout the 2 years since we started. Yes, we had some plans to come with some new product line, but Covid:19 has delayed some of our plans to at least 6 months. But, our prime focus for now will be on adding new variants to the existing product line itself.

Q.   What are the projects on which the company is working and what are the achievements of the company till now?

Post lockdown, we have been busy handling our pending projects that got delayed. Thanks to our good self-consumption (Patanjali Group), we are planning to solarize all manufacturing facilities of Patanjali across India. We saw the amount of savings we could do if we start with our facilities itself.  Swami Ramdev Ji’s vision was to promote green and clean energy, we could be reducing millions of carbon emissions from our own setups.

Q. How COVID-19 lockdown has affected the business? What is the scenario of the industry after lockdown?

Every trade in the world got slightly affected by Covid :19. Solar sector got affected majorly in the initial stage as projects got shut down, upcoming projects were postponed, imports were banned and what not. But gradually projects started resuming, demand started to rise as people were looking to cut their huge electricity bills and government tenders were resumed with new policies to promote Make in India.

Q. How the ongoing tensions with China are affecting the renewable energy market? 

Prices are increasing. We have seen a sudden jump in the prices of solar cells and other B.O.M.  

Q. What are your views on ‘Atmanirbhar Bharat’?

Of course, it’s a great initiative. We followed this principal way before this concept was out, Patanjali’s core vision was to promote “Make in India “itself. Now that the government is also focusing on it too, brings a bundle of opportunities for Indian manufacturers. 

Q.    How Patanjali Renewable is fulfilling the customers demand and what are the policies of the company in order to provide good after sales service?

The demand has been increasing lately, people have been more accepting and they have liked our product’s quality. We might be an old and developed brand name, but are still new in this sector. We are coping up with the challenges related to this sector, but all our efforts are derived to give complete satisfaction to our customers. Our on-field team has been doubled post lockdown and shall be increased proportionately with time to ensure a good after sales service. We are also training our distributors to ensure quick services in their respective areas.

Q.   How Solar PV cells and modules industry of India can get a boost? What is the current condition of the industry according to you?

First, clear and favorable policies, second, a supportive Financial mechanism to support those policies. If these are been worked upon timely, we can gradually slowdown our dependency on China for all the raw material.