1. Please share INA experience in renewable sector till now? 

Insolation Energy First started its fully automatic 80MW Manufacturing unit. Now,  Insolation Energy Pvt Ltd has a state of the art fully automatic 100MW Manufacturing Unit. We  offer  Multicrystalline & Monocrystalline and Mono-Perc solar modules in various sizes from 40 W to 400W.
At Insolation Energy Private Limited, world-class quality is a top priority. We strive to provide our customer with products and services which meet and exceed their expectations. We shall use preventive processes and testing to drive the highest quality standards and to ship products that meet our stated quality goals. We have already doubled our manufacturing capacity this year we plan to new machinery  for 200MW by next fiscal capable of manufacturing MBB high wattage Panels, Bifacials and twin Peak.

Q. Please tell us about you projects you have done in the past or you have showcased?

We have supplied around 150MW so far in India and Projections for 20-21 are quite good, Keeping in mind the expansion plans we have in recent months. We are now supplying around 10MWPer Month.

Q. Let us start with INA presence worldwide?

We are already exploring export opportunities and are in touch with few overseas clients for this. As of now we are focusing on the Domestic Market after capacity expansion, We are planning to enter into mid east Asia , Africa & selected European countries.

Q. COVID-19 has spread over a large part of the world. What has been the impact on your business operations as a result of the coronavirus outbreak?

China is the largest producer of solar raw material globally. It supplies 85% of the raw material to the solar industry. China virtually controls the entire value chain from silicon to ingot , wafer, cell and module .Any potential strain could have an adverse impact in supplies.  Southeast Asian module manufacturers to a large extent rely on Chinese suppliers for things like Solar cells, Glass ,backsheets , frames, junction     boxes,” . “If there is a long hold on those in China, their module assembly capacity may eventually be affected.”
The coronavirus outbreak in China could raise solar module prices in the near term as manufacturers have already begun experiencing wafer, cell and solar glass shortages. Production rates are also being affected by an extended new year holiday introduced by the authorities as a measure to deal with the virus, and the requirement workers from infected areas quarantine themselves for two weeks.

Q. Kindly tell us something about your products and technologies you are provided to customers, are they satisfied with them?

Some of the salient features of modules :-
Positive Power Tolerance up to 3Wp to reduce current mismatch loss in single string for ensuring better ROI
5 BB high efficiency cell with Improved Module Efficiency.
100% EL tested Pre & post Lamination ,Higher reliability
PID Resistant
Excellent energy generation in weak light
Highest Area efficiency in its Class
Unique Frame design with high mechanical strength
Compact Design ,efficient shipping ,easy handling
More than 30 In-House testing for better Quality product.

Q. How the foundation of ‘Atmanirbhar Bharat’ will help the Indian renewable industry?

As per the Ministry estimates the current capacity of the domestic solar cells and modules manufacturing meets only half of the country’s demand. Presently the solar cell manufacturing capacity is 2.5 GW and another 5 GW is under construction. A further 3 GW has been approved. The solar modules manufacturing capacity is comparatively better at 8 GW. There is a clear need for restricting cheap imports and boosting domestic manufacturing .Apart from cells and modules the Govt. Should support setting up of silicon ingots and wafers manufacturing units hence achieving vertical integration. The total self reliance can be achieved only by having complete control over the entire value chain. We also need to invest in the research and development of new technologies so as to come with new highly efficient innovative products.