Q. Kindly share something about your products you have showcased till now?


Sineng Electric is a leading global high-tech enterprise specialized in renewables and has pioneered inverter market with enormous amount of worldwide installed inverters. As a “one stop solution provider” for solar inverters and energy storage, we have a broad product portfolio to meet the diversified needs of customers for residential, C&I and utility scale applications. We cater String Inverters 3kW- 200kW, Central Inverters ranges from 1MW- 3.125MW Solution, AC & DC PCS Solutions to meet the Storage demand,VAR Governor & many more to fulfill the demand.  We Sineng Electric is globally well-known brand in field of Power Electronics  & holding rank among Top 5 Globally in Solar  Central Inverter business.  


Q. Please let us know about your experience in the Indian market. How do you plant to accelerate your growth in India against competition?

Sineng Electric  considers India as a Strategic Business location & established  3GW Central Inverter Manufacturing facility at Bangalore since 2018.  Having an annual production capacity of 3 GW in India & 13GW at China factory enable us to meet the growing demand in India and surrounding overseas market. The operation of the Indian manufacturing base sets a new milestone in the development of Sineng Electric’s business in India and throughout the overseas market.  So far we have delivered to many prestigious client from India & China factory . Present pipeline orders from Indian factory is approx.. 1.3 GW to be delivered by 2021. Seeing the market orientation & demand, expansion of Bangalore factory is under process & will finish by 2021


Q. COVID-19 has spread over a large part of the world. What has been the impact on your business operations as a result of the coronavirus outbreak?

World is going through a difficult phase owing to outbreak of Corona Virus during last quarter of 2019. We at Sineng have also been gravely affected from aftermath of this widespread virus. Measures to prevent the spread of virus, such as quarantine, restriction in public transport, logistics etc affected manufacturing sector very badly. Most of our workers are staying home as recommended by authorities. Due to almost stagnant industrial activities and supply chain paralysis, Projects has been delayed eventually the cascaded chain of activities has been delayed & impacting stress on Industry. Now we are resumed with precautions, still the system chain efficiency is yet to reached at 100%.


Q. What is your outlook for the power sector for the next few years and SINENG’s role in it?

Seeing the present scenario in terms of policies & weakening power demand , energy sector has been hit by many folds & reassessment will  happen for yearly targets, COVID-19 has added more concerns into this phenomenon. However in near future by support of revised policies , investments in renewable energy and the sanctity to contracts are expected to be resolved and the plan to achieve 175 gigawatt (GW) of clean energy by 2022 is expected to be on track. 
Sineng Electric believe in sustainable growth & rational approach towards solar Industry, we support make in India initiative & expanding our Indian manufacturing facility to cater future demand.