Q. Please let us know about your experience in the Indian market. How do you plant to accelerate your growth in India against competition?

We are born & bought up a company considering the Indian market. In India, Various products and their manufacturing machines are altered and invented every day. Also various booming industries are introduced in the last decade eg. IT, Renewable Energy, Gas Powered Genset likewise. Keeping the company up to date with these market arrivals in terms of their needs is the best way to accurate growth. Also, we are focusing more on high volume government vendors where the custom requirement is required rather than conventional ones. As we highly regard ethics in our business, we maintain the same relations with our vendors as we ascertain with customers. We just follow our mission, vision & values which take care of the competition.

Q. What are the various products & services that your company provides with regards to EPC projects?

For any EPC project, Survey, Design, Simulation, Procurements, installation are basic virtues. We assist in all of those we have our in house electrical supervisors and wireman’s for quality check and frequent inspections mostly EPC required services are in design and installation where our excellent team provides the best services particularly.


Q. COVID-19 has spread over a large part of the world. What has been the impact on your business operations as a result of the coronavirus outbreak?

Covid-19 definitely affected business in the initial quarter of this year. As all, we have also hoped to achieve great goals in 2020. Yes we have differed from targets and material supply is also getting interrupted along with variation in price, but still, we are on track to touch our goal for this annum. We have utilized this time for research and development and will introduce outstanding development and will introduce outstanding development in the coming quarter.


Q. There are many debates going on for women empowerment that women are coming up with the technical talent also. What are your views on that?

Our company is lead by a woman entrepreneur and more than 50% of our staff are a woman. All human beings are capable and in this era talent always rises up irrespective of gender.


5. How Protectwell initiatives towards CSR?

We took initiative in the manufacturing of hospital beds and sanitizer stands also initiated a digital campaign to spread awareness. We also provided face masks and shields to “Corona Fighters” in Pune and Nagpur district where our manufacturing facilities are present 

6. What is your outlook for the power sector for the next few years and Protectwell's role in it?

Rising Alternative power sources and revolution in electrical vehicle technologies will avail more business prospects as the importance and awareness of electrical safety will increase among People.
At Protectwell we always believe in continuous improvement, R &D. 
As discussed earlier we are planning on new innovative product range and expanding heavily in accessories. We have layed out a plan to enter in African continent next year. Also for the domestic market, we are growing aggressively Year of year.