1. What are some of the highlights of RenewX 2020? How will it be different from previous editions?   The forthcoming 5th edition of RenewX 2020 has so much to offer to the sector.  A congregation of leading 150 + Exhibitors, 7,000 + Trade Visitors representing captive industries , Chinese Pavilion, Launch of whitepapers and sector reports, Skill Competition on the floor, Rich technical conference sessions focusing on AgroPV, Rooftop Solar, Solar Pumping Solutions, CEO Conclave powered by World Bank / E&Y and Bio Energy sessions are destined to enrich the knowledge landscape of the participants. Very compact and closely knit environment will make business happen at ease. 2. What are some of the new and emerging challenges for the renewable? The RE sector currently stands at the cusp of yet another era of explosive growth. The mandate, and approach, of the Government is clearer than ever before with the magnitude of tenders being announced telling the story. However few of the key challenges that glare this sector for quite some time now are: Continuous shrinking margins of the developers, thus, stressing the bottom-lines of many corporates, Tariff caps currently in place, thus, demotivating developers to bid for Govt projects, Expanding the net of BIS certification & Safeguard duties on multiple components that’s not only expensive, but, time consuming as well. This puts entire value chain @ strain, thus, impacting elasticity of the market. Top of all challenges is de-clotting of payment pipeline by state Discoms i.e. improving financial health of power distribution companies.  Another critical challenge is ensuring quality quotient of the modules in long run i.e. to continue deriving more power per WP. This needs technological innovations of designing & improvising module layout. Not too far is yet another challenge that glares this sector and would need redressal is the Disposal of modules in environmentally friendly way.   3. What are the most promising and emerging technologies which would be most relevant for meeting future renewable requirements? I handpick bi-facial modules in addition to Solar + Storage solutions that’d be most relevant for meeting requirements. Also Electric Vehicles + Solarised Charging stations will embark upon new era of energy revolution. Floating Solar & Agro PV (Being newer applications though!!) will open up yet another horizon of mass consumption of Solar energy in our lives.   5. What is your message to your exhibitors and to end users who look forward to visiting RenewX 2020 event? My message to all participating stakeholders @ RenewX 2020 is to leverage the 2-days of intense business opportunities to the maximum, network with domain experts, generate business leads, learn new technologies, recent product developments trending RE sector these days and newer applications that have potential to contribute to the growth story of the region. Enjoy, Appreciate and go home richer in knowledge and connections established.