RE Developers are Worried of Transmission Woes

RE Developers are Worried of Transmission Woes




1. Please present case study of few noteworthy projects executed by your company in the distributed solar space?

India’s rooftop solar growth story is gathering great momentum in 2019. Leading India’s rooftop solar inverter technology race is Ginlong Solis which has made massive inroads in the India rooftop solar market and significantly grown its market share, driven by its cutting-edge inverter technology and an aggressive growth strategy. Recently two mega solar rooftop projects were commissioned, powered by Ginlong Solis Inverters.


The first project was 1.724 MW rooftop solar installations and located at Celebi Delhi Cargo Terminal, Delhi International Airport, which was executed by Solis-60k-4G inverters. This project started the construction on 18 Feb 2019 and was commissioned on 4 May 2019, showing a strong commitment of all stakeholders towards a quick delivery and construction of the project.

Case 2:

The second rooftop solar project’s capacity is 1.04 MW located at Chittaranjan Locomotive Works (Indian Railways), West Bengal-71331 and uses a variety of solar inverters of 20kW, 30kW and 50kW series by Ginlong Solis and was commissioned on 19 Feb 2019.


2 What are your USP’s and differentiating factors as compared to your competitors?

We would like to answer this question from three aspects:

A. Brand: Ginlong Technologies, the manufacturer of Solis Inverters, is the only publicly traded company with a primary focus on string inverters went public and was listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange in March, 2019, which helps to strengthen customers' confidence in building long-term partnerships with Ginlong Solis.
According to Bloomberg New Energy Finance’s recent Solar Module and Inverter Bankability report, Solis earned third place among Asian inverter brands out of a total of 17 global inverter manufacturers. Banks are more willing to offer non-recourse loans to PV projects using Solis inverters, helping developers secure financing.
B. Product: With product as the core and technological innovation as the driving force of enterprise development, Ginlong Solis first launched the fifth generation inverter technology platform, which brings customers with "higher efficiency and income, more reliable and secure. The Solis next generation technology platform offers unique advantages including:
1. An integrated smart I/V curve scanning feature helps detect such string faults as panel mismatch and shading, decreasing O&M time and increasing system energy yield.
2. 99.1% maximum efficiency -- one of the highest in the market 
3. Max input current 13A perfect match for high efficiency Bi-facial module.
4. Up to 150% DC: AC ratio–Longer Full-Load Operation Time
5. DC fuses on both positive and negative inputs protect the inverter and DC cables, while built-in replicable DC and AC Type II surge protection devices (SPD) safeguard during power surges, further ensuring system availability.  Lastly, Type I SPD protection is also available to shield against damage from frequent surges and lightning strikes.
C. Service: As a strategically important market for Ginlong Solis, we have been entered India market more than 3 years and we have established a complete sales and service team here, many of whom have been engaged in inverter technology for more than 10 years. But above all, we have established a professional local after-sales service center whose service No. is 224 9744 021