RE Developers are Worried of Transmission Woes

RE Developers are Worried of Transmission Woes




  1. “SOFAR group is No.1 in the GPS industry and has devoted itself to the communications and renewable energy fields since 2007.”What are your strategies for making this company No.1?
  • SOFAR is very pioneer group in GPS sector in china & we would like accept new challenges in the market. So we have started PV market business & doing successfully business globally. In order to support the current growth of the Indian PV market, SOFARSOLAR has recently taken steps to strengthen its business position in the country with a new office and leadership.
  • Looking to expand its footprint in the Indian PV market, SOFARSOLAR, added an office, warehouse, Service staff and expanding team.
  • New versions of Inverters which are very compact in size make SOFARSOLAR differentiate from others.
  • SOFARSOLAR is positioned to play an important and leading role in the Indian solar industry.

          2. Please present case study of projects executed by your company in the distributed solar space?

  • SOFARSOLAR inverters installed more than 28MW in SKY PROJECT-GUJARAT.  SOFARSOLAR have another more than  50MW projection for SKY PROJECT.
  • SOFAR inverters are installed in the farms under SKY PROJECT (Surya Kisan Yojana) initiative of GUJARAT Government at different Feeders covering GUJARAT region.
  • In this Project SOFAR 6.6KW to 70KW Three Phase models installed with compatibility of synchronize with Three phase motors, Communicate with dataloggers via RS-485 and various grid voltage ranges.
  • SOFARSOLAR systems have been installed on the buildings of prestigious Business buildings, Industrial’s Slanted roofs, Local houses under guidance of Rooftop Policy and Commercial Projects in India.
  • we have received repeat orders from local business partner, Big EPC companies, OEM techno giants With a complete portfolio of 3-phase commercial DC optimized inverters.
  • SOFARSOLAR is continuously winning most selling Inverters in Gujarat under GEDA rooftop policy & other state also good quantum installation database with prompt service support.
  • SOFARSOLAR is well positioned to become a major player in commercial roof-top &utility-scale PV installations.

         3. Kindly rank various states in the order of attractiveness of distributed solar market?

  • The Indian solar energy segment is considered to be a market with one of the fastest growth potentials in the world due the country’s ever-increasing demand for energy.        
  • We are having very effective “TOP POSITINING” market in Gujarat, Punjab-Haryana, Maharashtra and Chennai-Kerala. Now we are more focusing on North India & North-East India region.
  • Having global experience, innovative solutions, and dedication to developing a local presence, SOFARSOLAR is well poised to support the Indian PV market in its rapid growth.
  • SOFARSOLAR recent move to strengthen its position in the Indian PV market with a local team signifies our commitment to the solar sector in India.

         4.  Do you have any non-core asset divestment plans in the future?

No,  We don’t have any Non – core Assets to divestment.

         5.  How far has the slowdown in the power sector impacted your business?

  • Not so Much, Because SOFARSOLARhas multiple group of  business in China and we are continuous growing company and we have variety of products like NEW ENERGY AUTOMOBILE (Supercharger) products & HYBRID INVERTER, STORAGE INVERTER & ON GRID string inverter developmentsin our basket.
  • Also weare doing Customized OEM Business with confidential business Techno-Commercial terms with client. 

        6.  Is the impact of liquidity crisis still continuing and do you expect the coming of new government to lift sentiments?

  • The major challenge which the solar industry and inverter suppliers have faced in last one year is the uncertainty in the mind of developers and EPCs.
  • This is due to confusion in tax and duty ambiguities, which has impacted the solar market and resulted in delay of tenders and orders from customers.
  • The pressure to lower down inverter prices is always there from the developer and EPC side.
  • However, as an inverter supplier, it is very difficult to say whether this pressure is due to lower tariffs and increased competition or due to the ongoing rupee depreciation.
  • We are looking forward to new opportunities and technical Clearance for EV Vehicles from the new government.

         7.  Have you looked at manufacturing of solar equipment?

  • Our first focus is to procure of SOFAR SOLAR India and its flexible testing set up facility development. 
  • Also we are process for Spare PCBs, materials to troubleshoot the inverter easily and development of Toll free number for better service support.

         8.  Are you going to participate in REI Expo 2019, what are your expectations from REI?

  • Yes we are participating in REI . Over the past years, REI has been a lot about hype, with a large proportion of only curious visitors.
  • REI is Good platform  discussion between user & developer for business strategy, future business scope & transparently meet with organization peoples. It’s a One stop solution for Solar systems products. 
  • To show our business product basket and serve in market as per client requirement. REI visit  investment is completely worth for business expansion.