RE Developers are Worried of Transmission Woes

RE Developers are Worried of Transmission Woes




  1. With over-70-years experience in the power transmission industry, what type of challenges you faced during this period of time?

TBEA Xi’an Electric Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise affiliated to TBEA Group that specializes in R&D of core equipments and delivery of rich technical solutions in photovoltaic power generation, flexible AC/DC transmission, smart micro-grid field, etc. The Company mainly produces photovoltaic inverters, high-voltage SVGs, energy routers and flexible DC transmission equipments.

Since its establishment, the Company has always been developing based on technological innovation, and has established a world-leading energy internet and power electronics laboratory, built a professional R&D team with more than 300 people led by overseas experts, including doctors and masters, set up 2 R&D centers in Xi’an and Munich, Germany. The Company has successively undertaken more than 10 major scientific research projects such as the National 863 Program and Science and Technology Support Program, presided over the drafting of many national standards and won more than 300 patents of various kinds. It was awarded a number of honors such as “National Local Joint Engineering Laboratory”, “National Postdoctoral Scientific Research Workstation”, “National Patent and Innovative Pilot Enterprise”, and was one of the few enterprises in the industry that mastered a number of independently developed core technologies.

In the field of smart photovoltaic power generation, after 18 years of unremitting efforts, the Company has led the industry concept and technology direction of photovoltaic power generation, and independently developed a full range of 3kW-5000kW gird-connected inverters, and launched a one-stop smart photovoltaic power station solution which can be applied in various environments. With business in more than 20 countries on four continents,the cumulative global operating performance has exceeded 30 GW. 

       2. Please present case study of few noteworthy projects executed by your company in the distributed solar space?

TBEA Xián Electric Technology Co. Ltd. have served all-round the solar industry by associating with almost all major key players Big & Small in the market namely ACME, RENEW, AZURE, AVAADA, ADANI, OPG, BHEL, Rays Power Infra, Rays Power Expert, KEC, L&T, ENRICH, KC Solar etc contributing to a total of  3GW+ supply record in India. ACME alone counts approx. 1.3 GW of supply for their several projects in Andhra Pradesh, Uttarkhand, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Telangana, Odisha, Punjab, etc. Azure have been served with 1500V Outdoor solutions which successfully commissioned & running at their 10MW site in Kadapa (Andhra Pradesh), OPG 62MW in Karnataka, L&T 150MW in Karnataka, BHEL 20MW in West Bengal, Rays Power Infra 100MW in Karnataka, KEC 5MW in Himachal Pradesh, Rays Power Expert 50MW in Rajasthan, and still counting. Overall performance of inverters are remarkable leading to reliability over the brand & technology of TBEA Xián Electric Technology Co. Ltd.

         3. What are your USP’s and differentiating factors as compared to your competitors?

Considering the brand presence, reliability and banakability of the company, the products have been successfully applied in more than 1000 PV projects of major domestic photovoltaic power plant projects, and have been exported to Europe, North Africa, Central Asia and some other countries & regions accumulating to total installed capacity of more than 30 GW across the globe and more that 3GW in India itself.

Further reasons to use TBEA products are noted below:

  1. TBEA inherits an engineering experience of 70 years having highly experience & professional R&D team.
  2. Inverter solutions manufactured by TBEA are based on3 level topology to provide maximum efficiency and power generation reducing the switching losses.
  3. TBEA is the only brand manufacturing the highest capacity of String and central inverter of 205 kW String Inverter single unit and 5000 kW Central Inverter single unit , which saves the BOS cost of the customer.
  4. TBEA manufacturer’s plugin type solution which supports the critical short span project commissioning trends of India.
  5. Company have a world-class manufacturing facility in China which meets the globally acceptable quality standards. Company use TIER 1 components in its inverter solution which enhances the life cycle of the inverter providing a sense of peace to the customer.
  6. TBEA have always focused on product quality and customer services being fruitfully awarded with more than 3GW of inverter installation base in India serving almost all major Big & Small Project developers & EPCs namely ACME, Renew Power,Adani,L&T,Avaada, Azure Power, BHEL, KEC International, OPG Energy, KC Solar, Enrich Energy, Maheshwari Mines, Rays power expert, Rays Power Infra, etc.
  7. TBEA has been ranked among top 2 PV Inverter mnufacturersagainst other competitors, according to the report generated by Bridge to India in Q1 2019.

           4. What are the new technology in the solar inverter market globally and in India?

Inverter technology have always been a crucial point of development. All inverter manufacturers invest a huge sum in development of highly efficient transition technologies, better & advanced cooling systems for large capacity inverters, which can also handle frequency fluctuations more efficiently. Also, inverter manufacturer have a pressure to develop highly efficient 1500V solutions with higher capacity to reduce the BOS cost. TBEA have a big R&D department continuously towards advanced technology and have developed high capacity inverters of 1500V 3.75MW & 1500V 5MW single unit inverter with highly efficient cooling system.

           5. You are coming up with Indian Factory which is another great and big achievement, what do you think how much it will good for your business?

India being second largest solar market globally focus on Utility scale projects followed by commercial & rooftop scale segment and TBEA proudly supports both having Central inverters and String Inverters in its product basket. TBEA have always focused on product quality and customer services being fruitfully awarded and have more than 3 GW Inverters Supplied in India.

The company has established R&D Centers and GW production bases in Xi’an and Hami, whose annual capacity is able to be beyond 10GW.

Further to support India market even better, TBEA is coming up with its manufacturing facility with manufacturing capability of 3GW per annum, in Bangalore, Karnataka and located around 5KM from Electronic City.

TBEA India factory is rolled out a plan to have total 3 assembly lines, each having manufacturing capacity of 3 GW. Initially to start manufacturing with two assembly lines each having 1 GW capacity. First assembly line will manufacture Outdoor type central Inverters - All Ratings. Second Assembly Line to manufacture Utility Type  Multi MPPT String Inverter of 208kW. Third line to be made operational on later stages depending on market trend.

6.  Are you going to participate in REI Expo 2019, what are your expectations from REI?

TBEA Xián Electric Technology Co. Ltd. have introduced 1500V 208 kW Multi MPPT String Inverter for REI 2019 and have been awarded with TUV Certification for 1500V inverter solutions ranging 1250kW to 5000kW. TBEA witnessed a huge traffic at the Exhibition Booth with newly launched 1500V 5MW Central inverter demo inverters demonstrated at the booth in 2018. This year TBEA have introduced Optimal LCOE Solution of 1500V 208kW Multi MPPT String Inverter, and will be expecting even more traffic in 3 days of REI 18th to 20th September 2019.