RE Developers are Worried of Transmission Woes

RE Developers are Worried of Transmission Woes




Insolation Energy aims to achieve the goal of clean, environment-friendly, cost-effective and easily available energy to each and every citizen of the country. Our company completed more than 30 MW grid connected projects so far. Now, we are planning to bid for State and SECI tenders own manufacturing will give us an edge over other players.


Q. What is your Vision statement for “Make in India” campaign?

To manufacture Solar PV Modules with high quality, long lasting, reliable and prudent practices under "Make in India" Campaign. Strive & leverage the solar energy technology for greener, sustainable and better future.
We at Insolation Energy aim to achieve the goal of clean, environmental friendly, cost effective and easily available energy to each and every citizen of the country. Our aim is to provide clean and green electricity at affordable price to one and all. We provide flexible & customized
high-tech PV solutions and reliable support to fit your specific needs.

Q. What is Quality Control Systems, How it works for INSOLATION ENERGY?

Insolation Energy ISO 9001:2015 certified organization. INA modules are manufactured as per latest global and  BIS standards. Considering worst  environment conditions in the field, we strictly follow quality checks at all incoming and process stages for Finest quality product being delivered to customer for long life span. At Insolation energy complete manufacturing setup is fully  automatic  with least manual intervention and we have  installed inline testing Equipments, so that we can deliver to customer Defect free Module for Better Performance. 
Apart from our exiting Testing facility we have  decided to incorporate more new tests conduct i.e Damp Heat Test, Thermal Cycle, PCT, Dynamic Mechanical load in our factory. 
Also For More reliability our team working for obtaining new product  standards i.e IEC 61853, IEC 680068-68, IEC 62716 and more.

Q. What are the expectations from the government to boost solar products in India?

Indian Solar manufacturing sector is not well established due to Chinese Domination for so many yers with implication of Safegaurd duty we expect domectic manufacturing will get a boost.Govt should also come up with  a plan to prome export of modules from India .Also availability of solar cell in India in negligible so safeguard on Solar cells should be scrapped.

Q. What are the various technologies available for solar? 

In solar technology various technology in trend i.e. Crystalline, A-si, Thin Film, Organics solar cell but Crystalline technology is proven technology in field which has been completed 25 years due to less degradation.

Q. What are the trends in new technology products, materials and processes etc.?

New trends in solar Technology – Multi (12 Nos) bus bar, Back to back contact, CSP, ÇdTe day by day new technology upcoming  in solar industry but only at R&D level not viable in commercial level. Glass to Glass and Bifacial Modules are Picking up the demand now. In REI 2018 we have showcased our latest Glass to Glass Modules. Also Mono Crystalline panels are in high demand now replacing conventional poly.

Q. How INSOLATION ENERGY is contributing in REI and what are your expectations from REI, Does it help you to make profits?

We are Participating in REI from Last 3 years it is indeed Indias biggest solar event and might be second largest Globally. Every year we have increased our booth size and not to mention the Visitors too. We Suggest that there should be separate Hall for Module manufacturers so the visitors can locate them fast. and for MSME sectors prices should be lowered. 

Q. INSOLATION ENERGY has completed more than 30 MW of grid- connected projects, what are your next big projects?

We have completed more than 30 MW Grid connected projects so far. Now we plan for some bigger projects  including EPC. We are planning to Bid for State and SECI tenders own manufacturing will give us an edge over other players.